A gifted mezzo soprano as well as a painter, Delia Chien displayed artistic talent from an early age and has trained and performed all over the world. From the 1980s, she was supervised by Professor Bai Mu Chung, a famous impressionist painting master at the University of Malaysia, for over 20 years. In 1989, she studied painting in Rome under the well-known Italian artist Marcello Saldarelli. In 1999, she completed an oil painting master class in the Luis Art School in California. U.S.A.

Delia has held over 20 solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Austria and the USA. Highlights include solo exhibitions at the Palais Palffy in Vienna; the touring Millennium Exhibition in Las Vegas; Broome Street Gallery in New York and the State Archives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. U.S.A.

She received an award from the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce in 2000 and was named the Honorary Mayor of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2009. In 2006, a book of her work, ¡°The Beauty of Nature and Harmony, Oil Paintings by Delia Chien¡± was published by the People¡¯s Publishing House in Beijing. China.

Delia¡¯s paintings have been collected by the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, the Vienna Parliament Building, the City Library of Las Vegas, the State Archives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Hangzhou People¡¯s Library, the Tsui Museum of Art, Hong Kong, as well as by many Local and overseas organizations and private collectors.

Delia is also the chairperson of, and advisor to, many musical associations in Hong Kong, China and the USA.