Delia Chien has been an active artist in Hong Kong, showing her talents in painting and music since her childhood. In late 1970's, she was supervised by Professor Bai-mu Chung, a famous Malaysian Chinese Artist of University of Malaysia. From then on, she has been devoted to 19th century impressionistic paintings.

Delia is also a mezzo soprano singer well gifted in Western Classics. In 1988-89. she went to Rome, Italy to further her vocal studies. While she was there, she had not forgotten her art of painting. She also studied under the well-known Italian artist Marcello Saldarelli, and in 1997, she entered the St. Louise Art College in California, U.S.A. to futher her oil painting research and acquired a diploma in the oil painting master class.

Delia has been invited to perform in her singing in numerous places all over the world including the United States, France, Germany, Austria, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and many cities in China. In her travels, she would make sketches for her attention of the changes of seasons and her admiration of the beauty of nature. In her works, she also brilliantly captures the moments of colour and light on landscape, flowers, still life and figures. She also gave solo exhibitions many times in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Austria and U.S.A. Her works have been collected by the United Nations Headquarters in Austria, the Vienna Parliament Building, The City Library of Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., The Tsui Museum of Art Hong Kong and quite a number of local and overseas private collectors.

Delia has also been a presenter of the programme of culture in Channel 5 Radio Hong Kong in Mandarin. She is now the chairpersons and advisors of many cultural and music organizations in Hong Kong and China, and also a member of San Francisco Women Artist's Gallery, U.S.A.

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